About Our Services

  • Expert Advice

    Our team can help ensure satisfactory employee relations in your workplace. You can also rely on us to assist you in improving work climate issues.

  • Policies and Procedures

    Having well-crafted policies and procedures in the workplace can result in better employee management. Count on us to create, review, and update your policies to ensure standardization and compliance.

  • Orientation and Onboarding Programs

    The way you welcome your new employees will make a lasting impression on them. We will work with you to develop and execute an employee orientation/onboarding program for your new hires.

  • Termination Letters and Restructuring Plans

    Together, we can handle sensitive terminations with dignity and provide you with counseling and advice on an equitable discipline process. We will work with you to develop and execute a restructuring plan, recommend severance packages, and provide you with termination letters.

  • Performance Review Programs

    We understand your need for checking up on your employees’ work condition. Our team can help you create the most effective review programs fit for your workers.

HR Facts

Two-thirds of employees believe their emplo9yer is not doing enough invest in their skills

HR Facts

Employees promoted within a company perform better and have a lower rate of termination than those hired outside the company

HR Facts

The average of 26 year old has changed jobs 7 times since age 18.

  • Customization of the Hiring Process

    We can advertise your job openings, recruit employees, and provide well-written job offer letters and employment contracts. If you prefer, our team is amenable to participate in the interview and selection process. We can also perform reference checks as required.

  • Job Descriptions

    Hiring qualified candidates will help you boost your company’s growth. We will work with you to develop job descriptions for new and existing positions in your company.

  • Training Sessions

    You can rely on us to guide you through employee-related concerns. To make it easy for you, we can create and deliver “lunch and learn” workshops for your office training requirements.

  • Compensation and Incentive Programs

    We can provide you with market and wage analysis and recommend compensation programs and incentive plans that you can use. Our team will draft performance reviews, track objectives, and generate plant wage grids to help you raise your employees’ motivation.

  • Employee Relations and Labour Relations

    Dealing with concerns regarding workplace relationships is a normal occurrence in the office. We can represent you when it comes to resolving employee-related and labour matters.

  • Investigations

    Assess the environment in your company workplace with our help. We can conduct on-site investigations and recommend best practices for your business.

  • Change Management

    Our staff knows how difficult it can be to undergo organizational change. To guide you, we can provide you with plans to incorporate your mission and value statements to your business objectives.

  • Health and Benefits

    We can source optimal employee health and benefit plans and work with recognized carriers to take the burden off your back. Our staff will recommend an ideal program that works for your business.

  • Coach on Call

    Our experienced professionals are available to mentor you on getting the most out of your leadership role. You can expect relevant feedback from our team and only the best advice you can receive.