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Services We Offer



Expert Advice

We can provide solutions to ensure satisfactory employee relations and improve work climate issues.



Policies & Procedures

We will create, review and update your policies to ensure standardization and compliance.



Orientation & Onboarding Programs

We will work with you to develop and execute an employee orientation/onboarding program.



Terminations & Restructure Plans

We will work with you to develop and execute a restructure plan. Together, we can handle sensitive terminations with dignity and provide you with counselling and advice on an equitable discipline process. We can recommend severance packages and provide you with termination letters.


Customization of the Hiring Process

We can provide you with job offer letters, and employment contracts. We can also advertise and recruit for employees and participate in the interview and selection process. We can perform reference checks as required.



Job Descriptions

We will work with you to develop job descriptions for new and existing positions.



Training Sessions

We can create and deliver lunch and learn workshops for your training requirements.


Compensation & Incentive Programs

We can provide you with market and wage analysis, and recommend compensation programs and incentive plans. We can create performance reviews, track objectives and generate plant wage grids.




We can conduct on-site investigations, and recommend best practices.



Change Management

We can provide you with plans to incorporate your mission and value statements to your business objectives.



Health & Benefits

We can source optimal employee health & benefit plans with carriers and recommend an ideal program that works for your business.
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